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Optimized exercise therapy induces vessel normalization, boosts antitumor effector cell infiltration and function, and delays tumor growth in a CXCR3 pathway/CD8+ T cell- dependent manner. This results in sensitization of refractory breast cancer to immune checkpoint blockade.

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New research reveals that when breast cancer cells spread to the brain, they must boost production of fatty acids, the building blocks of fat, in order to survive there. The work, which is published in Nature Cancer and was led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Koch Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), points to a potential new treatment target for shrinking brain tumors that arise secondary to breast cancer.

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Invited Commentary for Blank et al. Microglia/macrophages express alternative proangiogenic factors depending on granulocyte content in human glioblastoma. J Pathol 2021; 253: 160–173.

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Steele researchers discover a promising approach to inhibiting a less frequent but highly treatment-refractory liver cancer

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A systems biology model indicates why COVID-19 outcomes vary widely and how therapy can be tailored to match the needs of specific patient groups.